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also performance problems in autocad 2019
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:57:27 AM »
i have performance problem in autocad 2019 with modal and modeless dialogs. attached is a demo file for a modeless dialog.
Code: [Select]
(dcl-Project-Load "test")
(dcl-form-show test/dialog1)
after opening i have a permanent processor utilization of 38% (4 cpu). you can do nothing more in autocad than to close the dialog.

the same problem i have with modal dialogs, for example with the dialog "Misc." from the examples. this dialog has a permanent processor utilization of 30%.

under acad 2018 this dialogs have a processor utilization of 0%.

tested with windows 8.1, opendcl and acad 2019 update 1.
the graphic driver is up to date.

can someone confirm this permanent utilization under acad 2019?

i have to concretize myself:

the problem occurs with a notebook with the following configuration:
notebook, windows 8.1 64, nvidia geforce 940M

with the following configuration, the problem does not occur
desktop, windows 7 64, nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti

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