Owen Wengerd OpenDCL in AutoCAD 2015

Looking for AutoCAD 2015 support? OpenDCL 8.0 Alpha 5 includes preliminary support for AutoCAD 2015.

Owen Wengerd OpenDCL 7.0 Released

OpenDCL 7.0 is now officially released as a stable version after over 2 years of development and testing. The new release adds support for AutoCAD, Bricscad, and ZWCAD+ on Microsoft Windows, giving the growing number of lisp developers a user interface framework with the same cross platform support as their programming language.

Owen Wengerd OpenDCL now supports ZWCAD+ 2014

As of OpenDCL 7.0 Beta 1, ZWCAD+ 2014 is now fully supported. ZWCAD Design has issued a Press Release.

Barry Ralphs Help keep OpenDCL moving forward!

OpenDCL is and always will be FREE!
However times are tough and it’s getting harder to spend time on a project when there’s no compensation for it. Our lead developer, Owen Wengerd of ManuSoft, has been supporting the OpenDCL community for years now without ever receiving a single penny for his monumental contribution. I, Barry Ralphs, have also been footing the bill to keep the OpenDCL web site up and running. If you’d like to help keep OpenDCL moving forward, please go to the following URL to make a contribution/donation.



Owen Wengerd AutoCAD 2013 Support

I’ve just released OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 4 with support for AutoCAD 2013. Even though this is an alpha release, not much development work has been done since OpenDCL 6 was released, so this is a very stable pre-release build that can be safely used in production if needed.

Owen Wengerd OpenDCL 6 Released

OpenDCL 6 has now been formally released. In addition to many internal improvements, OpenDCL 6 adds support for the Bricscad platform on Windows. Use the Download link to get the current OpenDCL files.

End Users

  • If you are already using a pre-release build of OpenDCL 6 runtime, then you should upgrade immediately to the released build.
  • If you are still using an older runtime version, then you should not install the latest runtime version immediately. The upgrade path from OpenDCL 5 is designed to be seamless and problem-free for end users, however you should wait for developers to complete testing on the new runtime version before upgrading.


  • You should now be developing, testing, and supporting your application on the OpenDCL 6 runtime architecture.
  • You should make an effort to test and support your application on the Bricscad for Windows platform.
  • You should not assume end users will continue using the version of OpenDCL Runtime shipped with your application.