AutoCAD 2013 Support

I’ve just released OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 4 with support for AutoCAD 2013. Even though this is an alpha release, not much development work has been done since OpenDCL 6 was released, so this is a very stable pre-release build that can be safely used in production if needed.

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  • I tried loading the OpenDCL 7.0 for AutoCAD 2013 msi on Windows 7 64 bit and recieved the fowling message:

    INVALID 1620

    This installation package could not be
    opened. Contact the application vendor to
    verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.

    Can you give me some help?

    Thank you,

  • @Joe, it sounds like your file got corrupted for some reason. Try posting on the discussion forum, as this blog comment area is not a good place to provide support. Make sure you include in your post the exact filename that you downloaded.

  • Thank you Owen,
    We have web blocking software, so I “saved as link” thinking this would side step the direct download, however this probably was the reason for the file not working. I was able to download the file from my laptop and transfer it to my work computer. All is well in AutoCAD 2013 land.

    Thanks again,
    Joe D.

  • Thank-you Owen for your continuing efforts with this software.

  • owen,最新的7.0.0.5版不能下载.请确认下是否有什么问题,谢谢.

  • Wow! I just discovered this OpenDCL stuff. Wow! I love it. God please don’t stop working on this. It’s so nice.

  • Thanks Owen
    The latest version can’t download

  • Thank you Owen, great work

  • Thank you very much Owen,this solftware help me a lot .

    when I was load “_MasterDemo.lsp ” in Autocad 2008,and click on “Hatch” button ,it did not work well . when I closed the hatch dialog,the Autocad2008 software crach.But if I do the same thing with Autocad 2004,everthing is OK .
    Thank you very much!

  • Thanks owen, my code with import/export funtion from file is working now.

  • Improvement proposal for dcl_DelayedInvoke function

    Dear Sir,

    I found the timer function is achieved by continually sending commands during the usage of dcl_DelayedInvoke, I hope you can make it better that the timer function can run independently, so it dosen’t affect the status of commandline.


  • Dear Sir,

    The grid control need editchange event.
    I can not call on editchange when I edit string in grid control.


  • nonsmall, please post in the discussion forums so someone can help you.

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