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Title: Picture method versus LoadPictureFile with HiDPI
Post by: honkinberry on September 06, 2019, 08:32:11 AM
For compatibility with HiDPI monitors, we are able to use the LoadPictureFile method with the Stretch parameter.  So for a 32x32 PictureBox, we make a 64x64 image, and it will work for both HiDPI and standard DPI displays.
But when using the Picture method to specify an image from the project picture folder, there is no Stretch parameter.
So one solution would be to store both standard and HiDPI images in the project picture folder, and then at runtime set the appropriate one.
What I would definitely prefer, is if the Picture method either had a Stretch parameter, or automatically applied a stretch.  The same for Graphic Buttons -- either I need to check the registry for HiDPI, and set both Picture and Mouse-Over Picture accordingly, or it could just automatically stretch the image assigned at design-time.
Thanks for reading!