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Started by kruuger, December 30, 2009, 01:03:24 PM

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I have a problem with label caption update. I created simple test file. Please see attached (on my both computers label want update).

I found this post Try the test and everything works fine.
But when i try to create my own form with label and update them with dcl_Control_GetCaption then nothing.

I'm working on version.
BTW, is it possible to change caption of FRAME object with dcl_Control_GetCaption ?
Any idea what can be wrong ?



Try dcl_Control_SetCaption to change the caption. Let us know if that doesn't work.


also ;
check your Event function names in the ODCL against the Names in the LSP file.
They seem to be different.


To help with your file management, I'd suggest naming your ODCL and LSP files something other than TEST.xxxx ;


Rather than use the OpenDclUtils.lsp file , I'd suggest you use this sort of structure

Code (autolisp) Select

(defun c:kruger01 (/)
 (command "._OPENDCL")
 (dcl_project_load "kruger01.odcl" t)
 (dcl_form_show kruger01_Form)

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OMG of course it should by SetCaption :)

I'm blind and stupid. :-[

Thanks for quick answers and tips
Happy New Year