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I am studying the knowledge of OpenDCL and Reactors. So by the way, I finished this routine.
This code like the function of the 3dsmax : Spacing tool.It can array place the CAD OBJECTs along curve or line, like array.The code has the following three functions.

If you select Text, then the Text is placed along the curve, like the extension of the function "ArcAlignedText" in Express tools. But now the curve is not only arc, and also other kind of curve lines.

If you select a selection of some object, then the selection will be array placed along the curve path. It is just some copy of the selection,not block or group.

If you select block, then the block will be array placed along the curve path, the block can be insert in random scale.(maybe it's useful in some case)

All the curve array object can be associated to the curve path. If the association is permanent, then you will have to load this code again when you open the file next time. If the mouse double click reactor is associated, you can double click on the arrayed object or path, the dialog box will pop up, then you can change the parameters. If you use the grip to move or rotate the curve path, then the arrayed object will move to new place automatically.

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The exist,The all.


Here is some Screen Captures.

The exist,The all.