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Started by togores, June 12, 2012, 06:02:15 AM

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My book (in Spanish) dealing with Visual LISP programming has been recently published.
It ends with a Chapter devoted to openDCL that includes a Tutorial on creating an application based on a Modeless Palette form.
Among other things the book includes 3D objects programming, with a very detailed information on the new MESH (Subdivision surfaces) objects, creating them using entmake and modifying them using entmod as well as the ActiveX properties.
It's in Spanish, but I am working on an English version. The book can be found in Amazon:
or BookDepository:
A review of the book's contents can be found in my website:

Best regards,

Fred Tomke

Hi, togores, that looks really great. Seems to be a good guide. I hope it will be available in German language, too.

Regards, Fred
Fred Tomke
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Hi Fred,
Although I tried learning german in my youth, I didn't go very far with it   :'(
But I'm working on an english version, this I can manage...
Currently I have only 100 pages more to translate, so I hope it will be done before this month ends.
Best regards,

PS. Done! The English version, updated to AutoCAD 2013 is available at: