Started by Danner, October 30, 2012, 03:22:38 AM

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Hi diogenes,

For AutoCAD 2014 through to AutoCAD 2016, you would have to either install lsploader into a  "Trusted Path" or alternatively create a lsploader.bundle in Autodesk's Applications Plugins folder.  See

Happily as from AutoCAD 2017, the Program Files folder tree is added to the Trusted Paths as a matter of course.


Again, thank you very much Owen


Quote from: diogenes on November 18, 2016, 12:55:28 AM
Could this message not appear?

The message is designed to give the end user an ability to block unauthorized code from executing. As already mentioned, there are ways your installer can configure the system so that the application code is trusted, but security is usually best left to Autodesk and the end user.


Thanks Owen.
I read in the material of Autodesk what you comment and it is totally logical, although for some users it is complex everything that is not to "plug and play",  ;D ;D ;D


I would say that this is not a problem of the signature, it is a result of your settings of "trusted paths" inside AutoCAD. If it is set "right" there will be no such message - neither for signed nor for unsigned files.
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This message will always prompted, if an not registered Application wants to be loaded. You can change this eveb if you set secureload to 0 or set this application on the list of trusted files. See sysvar TRUSTEDPATHS
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Hi Owen,

Any chance of adding support for BricsCAD V22 to your lovely LspLoader?

With much thanks



LspLoad has been updated with BricsCAD V22 support.


Hi Owen, much appreciated. Thank you :)