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Started by BazzaCAD, August 19, 2013, 03:25:56 PM

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Quote from: donnieworld on April 29, 2024, 10:28:19 PM... searched for OPENDCL@MANUSOFT.COM to add as a recipient on WISE ... no results. I am searching from Thailand if that has any bearing?
I've noticed that WISE help on adding a recipient with just an email address is not up to date and the website could be more intuitive...

You should be able to send from Thailand. Assuming you're sending THB, select USD for the recipient.

  • Click the green Continue button.
  • Click Enter bank details button on the next page.
  • Click the Someone else button
  • Deselect the I know their bank details check box
  • and enter Email address, Name and Language
  • Click Confirm button...

Owen will be notified - I'm not sure if a WISE account was previously set up but if so it should be easier for the transfer to take place. I checked my earlier transfer which was to

Update: the above works for my business account - I received the following from WISE in regard to a personal account:

Here's how to send money securely with a link:
  • Go to your Balance and click Send
  • Select the amount and currency and click on Continue
  • On the bottom of the next page, select Share a payment link
  • Check the transfer details and click on Confirm and send
  • Click on Copy link to copy it to your dashboard
Share it with your recipient via email, direct message or any way you like
When your recipient clicks on the link, they'll be asked for an email and a password to secure their information
They'll need to enter their bank account details and click on Claim

Once they click on Claim, the money is on its way to their bank account.