My first OpenDCL

Started by tinomartinez, April 19, 2015, 08:07:20 PM

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I discovered your wonderful program. I was looking for a way to create a box insertion of frequently used blocks, with a preview .

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease , speed and the potential of your OpenDCL software.

My first draft with Briscad instead of Autocad !

ps: forgive me, my English is not very good, I am using Google translation.

To start the program use '(LS:OPENDCL:INSERTBLOCK)'.

BricsCAD 14.1.13


Barry Ralphs


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.


Nice work tinomartinez!

While testing the code I noticed a problem that is reminiscent of this bug.
1. Run the program, browse to a folder with dwgs and click on a file to display it.
2. Cancel the program.
3. Run the program again. The current model space is now displayed in the BlockView.

To start the program use '(LS:OPENDCL:INSERTBLOCK)'.

BricsCAD 14.2.17


thank for your comment roy

I add this code in the initialize to clear the viewblock loaddwg.

Code (autolisp) Select
(defun c:LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview#OnInitialize (/)
;; addshortcut
  (dcl-Control-SetList LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/shortcut (mapcar '(lambda (x) (car x)) oShortcut))
  (dcl-Control-ZOrder LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/Insert 1)
  (dcl-BlockView-LoadDwg LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/BlockView "") ;; new line to clear viewblock


Very nice - thanks for sharing



Actually the problem mentioned in my previous post is a bug IMO.

@ tinomartinez: That will work. You can probably also use the Clear method.


Roy, I agree, this is not correct or expected behavior. I've made a small change for the next build so that the Block Name property remains empty when displaying model space of a selected drawing file. This way nothing will display when the form is subsequently shown.


Aha, now I understand the cause of the problem. Thanks for fixing it Owen.


I've reviving this old thread. I really like the layout of this block manager, but it's no longer working and throwing an error when the insert command is invoked. I've invested several hours trying to resolve the issue with no luck. Can someone more skilled than myself take a crack at it?