My first OpenDCL

Started by tinomartinez, April 19, 2015, 08:07:20 PM

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I discovered your wonderful program. I was looking for a way to create a box insertion of frequently used blocks, with a preview .

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease , speed and the potential of your OpenDCL software.

My first draft with Briscad instead of Autocad !

ps: forgive me, my English is not very good, I am using Google translation.

To start the program use '(LS:OPENDCL:INSERTBLOCK)'.

BricsCAD 14.1.13


Barry Ralphs


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.


Nice work tinomartinez!

While testing the code I noticed a problem that is reminiscent of this bug.
1. Run the program, browse to a folder with dwgs and click on a file to display it.
2. Cancel the program.
3. Run the program again. The current model space is now displayed in the BlockView.

To start the program use '(LS:OPENDCL:INSERTBLOCK)'.

BricsCAD 14.2.17


thank for your comment roy

I add this code in the initialize to clear the viewblock loaddwg.

Code (autolisp) Select
(defun c:LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview#OnInitialize (/)
;; addshortcut
  (dcl-Control-SetList LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/shortcut (mapcar '(lambda (x) (car x)) oShortcut))
  (dcl-Control-ZOrder LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/Insert 1)
  (dcl-BlockView-LoadDwg LS-BlockPreview/BlockPreview/BlockView "") ;; new line to clear viewblock


Very nice - thanks for sharing



Actually the problem mentioned in my previous post is a bug IMO.

@ tinomartinez: That will work. You can probably also use the Clear method.


Roy, I agree, this is not correct or expected behavior. I've made a small change for the next build so that the Block Name property remains empty when displaying model space of a selected drawing file. This way nothing will display when the form is subsequently shown.


Aha, now I understand the cause of the problem. Thanks for fixing it Owen.