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Started by BazzaCAD, March 01, 2008, 10:40:44 PM

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I've been thinking about adding a slogan\motto\tag line to the web sites header image for a while now. So since OpenDCL is a community project, I'm leaving it up to you guys again.
You have tell March 10th. 2008 to submit your slogans. After that we'll pick the top few & put them up for public voting.
Please post your slogan in this thread in "QUOTED BOLD FONT" so we all know what's a submission & whats a comment.
Barry Ralphs


So I'll start it off with a few of my ideas.
I've been ask a few times way DCL is in the name, when there is no DCL involved.
So I came up with these:
"DCL has evolved"
"The evolution of DCL"
"The next generation of DCL"

And one last play on works:
"OPEN your mind to the possibilities"
Barry Ralphs


OpenDCL - Next step to perfect
ODCL - more power in your hands
ODCL - skip next level
DCL - Power's back



OpenDCL - Where VisualLisp Meets GUI
OpenDCL - Where VisualLisp Meets Modern GUI


That's not bad Kelie. How about something like:
"OpenDCL - Put the Visual in VisualLisp"
"OpenDCL - VisualLisp the way it was meant to be"
"OpenDCL - The real VisualLisp"
Barry Ralphs

Marco Jacinto

"OPENDCL the Vlisp's FACE"

"OPENDCL the Vlisp's GUI"

I don't know about this, I think of it as a word game
"OPENDCL forms Vlisp"


"OpenDCL - Taking control of the dialog"
"OpenDCL - Real dialog control"
"OpenDCL - Dialog for AutoCAD"
"OpenDCL - Talk to me"

and for all you pimps...
"OpenDCL - Pimp my dialog"  ;D


Lot's of great ones already, will be hard to decide on one later.

Couple of ones I came up with so far...
"Accomplish what you couldn't before."
"DCL of the 21st century."
"Join the DCL revolution."
"Simply Advanced DCL."
"Your LISP customizations upgraded."
"DCL next..."
"DCL Advanced"
"You make the interface."
"No more limits."
"OPEN your mind and FREE your imagination."
"Open your DCL possibilities."
"DCL Your Way."


"Say No to Dot Net"

"Who Said AutoLISP wouldn't last . . ."

"VBA - it's not forever"

"Not your Father's DCL"

"When your Lisp Routine deserves the Very Best"
James Buzbee
Managing Memeber
Black Horse Development, LLC



"Open your DCL possibilities"

That's actually good.

Mine were jokes by the way . . .  ;)
James Buzbee
Managing Memeber
Black Horse Development, LLC

Marco Jacinto