DraftsBox plugin for AutoCAD.

Started by draftsbox, April 16, 2019, 11:28:20 AM

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Hi all,

I share with all of you a free plugin i have designed and developed for AutoCAD using OpenDCL. Hope you like it. Also, i have developed a website of the plugin where users can download it and get more information. www.draftsbox.com

The video show how to can use the plugin. Clicking on the tool button, it executes the AutoCAD command and the floating menu will hide automatically.



DraftsBox free plugin for AutoCAD - https://www.draftsbox.com/


Great idea.... but anything with a file extension of "exe" and insisting on email addresses during installation is a definite no-no in our office.


Thanks RGUS for your suggestions. We will think in it for next versions.

May be better a *.msi file than a *.exe file?
DraftsBox free plugin for AutoCAD - https://www.draftsbox.com/