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AutoDesk are at it again, OpenDCL no working with 2019.
I'll have to put the update away until OpenDCL comes out for ACAD 2019.

Now to talk nicely to the DSOLib makers for a 2019 version.

I hope to work on Acad 2019 support next week.

Hi Owen,

Would it be remiss to ask if support for AutoCAD 2019 could be added to ODCL 8 too?

It would be an interim measure while a workflow is resolved for handing graphics with the new automatic scaling of controls feature.       

It's theoretically possible, but time consuming. Unfortunately not really a practical option, given my time constraints. I'd rather spend the time on resolving the issues with ODCL 9.

Hi Owen,

Many, many thanks for all the work resolving the display issues with ODCL 9. 

I almost daren't ask - ACAD 2019 support for Lsploader too?  When you, erm, get a chance....  :D


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