OpendCL 9 - Automatic scaling of controls causing image mismatches

Started by Danner, April 02, 2018, 09:51:19 AM

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with OpenDCL.Runtime.

(dcl_project_load "@dcl-select-color" t)
(dcl_form_show "@dcl-select-color" "frm_sc")

I have attached the file below @DCL-SELECT-COLOR.odcl

If you open this file in the OpedDCL studio, it has the right look,
but it doesn't happen the same when you try to show it in Acad . . .


I think the solution is to draw the color swatches at runtime using the picturebox methods, instead of displaying a pre-made image. There are functions like XPixelsToTwips that can be used for calculating the ratio of pixels to dialog units, but I think in this case you only need to evenly divide the overall size of the picturebox.


I was hoping there was a solution that
would make the new version of the OpenDcl runtime
fully compatible with previous ODCL files.

Couldn't there be an option to turn off
the automatic resizing of the controls?


. . . it seems that there is a lot of people interested in this topic !


I've also been trying to get a solution to this but with no luck.


Quote from: ScottBolton on November 16, 2023, 03:25:55 AM
I've also been trying to get a solution to this but with no luck.

unfortunately it seems that
it is not possible or it is considered useless
to modify the behavior of this automatic scaling of controls ...


it seems that this problem has been solved!

But Owen didn't tell us!

Thanks a lot anyway !