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Started by hildevascorou, February 19, 2021, 07:08:24 AM

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I need to create an application to view 360 photos within CAD.
The process would be clicking on the point of each photo and allowing to open the image on a customized screen with some 360 degree view control.
Is there an ocx / Activex that allows this process to be used with OpenDcl allowing programming with the application?



Fred Tomke

Hello, I do know this thread is very old, but I want add an answer also for later viewers.
I recommend to use html5 instead and call the websites instead of using ocx controls.
In the past I built an own ocx control for use within OpenDCL so I can say that is much work (depending on the goals to be reached).
So using a existing browser extension to view the panorama could much more easy.
During my studies in the end of the 90's I got experiences with PhotoVista.
Researching the web I've found Not sure if it matches your needs.

Regards, Fred
Fred Tomke
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