Bug in documentation

Started by Dovys, October 23, 2022, 01:05:59 PM

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I found bug in documentation of OpenDCL or in OpenDCL. Here is image https://ibb.co/0CY9fJz
Image show documentation window and my app window above it. Bug is in justifications.
I have created columns with command
      (list "No" 0 100)
      (list "X" 0 100)
      (list "Y" 1 100)
      (list "Z" 2 100)

After it I have added rows with command
  (nth 0 row)
  (rtos (nth 0 (nth 1 row)) 2 2)
  (rtos (nth 1 (nth 1 row)) 2 2)
  (rtos (nth 2 (nth 1 row)) 2 2)

Justification in header is right, but in all other rows right and centered is exchanged. I have tried changing justification in AddColumns command and it effected header and other rows, but header and other rows are exchanged all the time.


Good catch. Surprising that nobody noticed this before. The bug is fixed in 9.2.03, which will be available soon.