textbox not updating

Started by Domzinator, October 20, 2023, 02:10:20 PM

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Hi Guys i am trying to update a textbox when the form iInitializes but this does not seem to work i cant understand why. Here is my code:

(setq txt "This is a test")
(defun c:MyCivil3D/Form1#OnInitialize (/)
(dcl-Control-SetText MyCivil3D/Form1/TextBox1 txt)


Have you checked all other stuff?
- the dialogue is loaded and active?
- other controls are working fine?
- can you modify the textbox with another command after initializing?
- the textbox-control has all needed events activated?
- ....
ODCL 8.1.... German, AutoCAD 2017 - 2018, Win 7 x64, Win 10