"Project failed to load" question

Started by TCNTRM, October 25, 2023, 10:54:06 PM

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I searched but couldn't find solution to my problem. My files are on USB stick (.lisp files and .odcl file). If I plug in the USB first then run Autocad ODCL project loads okay, BUT when I first run Autocad and then plug USB into pc, I get error "Project failed to load! The file could not be found or an error occurred while reading the file"


This is very simple reason.
When you run AutoCAD, AutoCAD will search for all folders on search paths in options. If your USB is already plugged in PC AutoCAD will find it and will be able to load all files from it, but if your USB is not plugged in, AutoCAD will not find it (because it don't exist yet), but later when you run command in AutoCAD it will not search for drive it could not find at run time, so it will not be able to find files.

You have only two choices:
1) You plug in USB before running AutoCAD.
2) Move files to hard drive on PC.


Thank you for reply. Any way to later, after I plug in USB, manually search for needed files and load them? 


I think it would be faster and easier to just close and open AutoCAD after you plug in USB.

You could also try to go in ribbon to Manage --> Load Application
and select lsp file to load, but I am not sure if dcl file will load or not.