to know from Lisp the TYPE of a control

Started by domenicomaria, June 02, 2024, 06:43:42 AM

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Is there a way to know from Lisp the TYPE of a control contained in an ODCL form?

with dcl-Form-GetControls I get the "entity names" of all the controls

and now I can access many properties of each control

but I can't understand which property allows me to understand if the control is a ListBox, a ComboBox, a TextBox... and so on


dcl-control-dump returns:
CDclControlobject [CtlComboBox: ...
CDclControlobject [CtlCheckBox: ...
CDclControlobject [CtlGraphicButton: ...
and so on ...

but it print the results in the command line

and dcl-control-dump simply returns T
. . .
How can I access this information?
How do you know the TYPE of control?


I solved it by reading logfilename
but it's not elegant
it would serve a function
(dcl-control-gettype ename-or-control-name)