OpenDCL Localization Project

Started by owenwengerd, February 08, 2008, 03:18:20 PM

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Marco Jacinto

Hola Carlos, desde hace casi un año no he trabajado en la traducción, quedo todo casi en el la etapa uno, con algunas correcciones por hacer.

¿Comenzaste todo desde el principio?, sino es así me comprometo a este fin de semana terminar lo pendiente y enviarlo para que continúes con la segunda fase, y el resto igual podemos trabajar en conjunto para agilizarlo y lograr un mejor resultado.

Enviame un mensage privado si estas de acuerdo, y ahi te envio mi correo.

Hi Carlos, it's been almost a year since I don't work doing the translation, almost everything was from phase one, besides some correction to do.

did you start from the begining? If not, I compromise to finish what is pending from phase one and send it to you, so you can continue the second fase, with the rest maybe we can colaborate to finish it as soon as posibbe.

Send me a PM if you are agree, and I will send you my email.

Thanks for the mail Barry, and sorry for the long delay, has been an awfull year, and have to do a lot of things but having fun coding... 


Hi Marco,

yes i started from the beginning and phase 1 is already implemented in lastest Alpha release, i haven't check for mistakes. Right now i'm working on phase 2, also i translated Barry's OpenDCL Migration Guide and almost finish the spanish version of Inno Setup Tutorial.

I think is very convenient to work together, i noticed there was a year since the last translation work and like you said it has been a very hard year, that's the reason i volunteer to be in charge of this translation project. Is it Ok with you?

"Me he unido al lado oscuro y se vive mejor"!! :)