does built-in flexgrid allow multiple selection?

Started by jmaeding, September 12, 2007, 10:28:30 AM

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One of the main reasons I use the MS flexgrid, is its ability to select multiple rows.
I have not been able to allow "non-contiguousl" row selection, but the MS one does allow ranges to be selected.
Is there any intention of having the built-in grid allow this?
I would much, much prefer to use the built-in one, no question about it.
I understand the alpha 5 has a new flexgrid, so I thought to bring this up again.

thanks again to all people involved on OpenDCL, what amazing progress has been made.
We need to have a little OpenDCL get-together at AU this year!


Quote from: jmaeding on September 12, 2007, 10:28:30 AM
Is there any intention of having the built-in grid allow this?

Selecting contiguous ranges is possible with the new design, but it will require changes to the lisp functions in order to utilize it. I think there are outstanding feature requests for this, and I expect that it will eventually be possible to select contiguous ranges, but for now I just want to get it working properly with the existing functions.

If you're going to AU, join the OpenDCL group at AU online so we know who all is going. I'm sure there will be opportunities to get together in Las Vegas. :)
Owen Wengerd (Outside The Box) / ManuSoft


Got it, I'll wait and watch :)
I signed up for the OpenDCL group, here is the link for anyone wanting, it was not easy to find as the search mechanism does not seem to find it...

I'm assuming your classes, Owen, will slip in a plug for OpenDCL.
Maybe one of us can do an "opener" on OpenDCL, like rock bands do.
Then you kick in on your ObjectARX or whatever class you are doing...