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The Dark Princess:
I'm looking to create a resizeable image in a modeless box - is this possible?

here's the code:

(defun c:test (/)
(setq imge (strcat ARCTDRVEPREF "Slides\\DDOOR_HELP.gif") msg "DD Help")
(vl-cmdf "_opendcl")
(dcl_project_load (strcat ARCTDRVESP "\\DSAISoft_Image_Zoom.odcl"))
(if (not (dcl_form_isactive DSAISoft_Image_Zoom))
          (dcl_form_show DSAISoft_Image_Zoom)
(dcl_PictureBox_LoadPictureFile DSAISoft_Image_Zoom_Image1 imge T)
(dcl_Control_SetCaption DSAISoft_Image_Zoom_Title msg)
(defun  c:DSAISoft_Zoom_Image_OnClicked (/)
  (dcl_Form_Close DSAISoft_Image_Zoom)
(defun c:DSAISoft_Close_OnClicked (/)
  (dcl_Form_Close DSAISoft_Image_Zoom)

This thing works, and I can resize the box, but the image doesn't resize with the box.  Any Ideas?

do I need to set up a resize event and clear and reset the image? 


OpenDCL will handle the resizing of the image automatically; you just have to tell it how you want the image to be resized as the dialog is resized. Open your .odcl file, select the picture box control, click on the (Wizard) property in the property pane (or right click on the control and select 'Properties'). In the Geometry tab, change the Right Side Alignment and Bottom Side Alignment to "Offset From Right Edge" and "Offset From Bottom Edge" respectively. Voila!

The Dark Princess:
Thanks Owen,  Eevrything is great although I've had to play a lot with the image files to get them to look okay.  Any help in that area would be appreciated.

Lastly, a quick question regarding deplyment.  In the past you shipped out the .arx files and used a little lisp to make sure the right one is loaded.  I guess I could have the runtime installed using network deplyment - or is there a simpler way?



Fred Tomke:

using the msi or msm (to merge with your installation) is the easiest way: just call the command "_OPENDCL". Advantages: you don't cars about processor architecture, AutoCAD release and so on - OpenDCL does everything for you. Just call this command and OpenDCL will be loaded. Have a look at the samples for further details.


I'm no image file expert, but I'm curious what issues you encountered.

Installing the runtime MSI (or MSM) via network deployment or otherwise is the only safe way; otherwise there's a risk of conflict with another OpenDCL application. See also


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