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Fred Tomke:
I don't know if you mean AutoCAD as network image or your application as network image.

There is a point in the AutoCAD network image creation where you can add AutoCAD service packs as msm files. Try to add them but do not select merging it. As far as I know (please improve me) merging does extract all the files instead of calling the setup script inside the msi. Calling the script is necessary to create the reg key for AutoCAD.

I'll give a try to install that way!


Simply merging the MSM would be all that is needed, as long as the custom actions that create the demand-loading keys run after the AutoCAD registry keys are created. Merging the runtime MSM with an AutoCAD deployment should work in theory; it would be interesting to test it.

The Dark Princess:
so here's a dumb query.  my start up functions access network folders for data (updates etc).
is there not a simple test, that works for xp and vista, win 32 and 64, that if the opendcl folder isn't found or some such simply launches the .msi from the network folder?

a la

 (startapp opendclmsipath  (strcat "\"" OpenDCL.Runtime. "\""))


The Dark Princess:
I looked at the msm thing, but we have so many variations that it would be a nightmare.

revit 2008 + autocad 2008 32 +64
revit 2008 + autocad architecture 2008 32 + 64
revit 2009 + autocad 2009 32 + 64
revit 2009 + autocad architecture 2009 32 + 64
on win xp, 32 + 64, and win vista 32+64.

I think I'll go the other route.

Thanks for the great replies.


Fred Tomke:
Just because you have so many variations, you should use the msi or msm. How do you install your application?
You can have a test whether OpenDCL is installed or not if you try to find the HKLM\Software\OpenDCL key.



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