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Creating an Installer with Inno Setup tutorial now online

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This tutorial describes how to create an installer to deploy your ODCL application & install the ODCL runtime at the same time.

By Lance Gordon (Thanks)
You can download it here:

A very, very long time ago Bryan Blattel had on his CadWerx website and example of how to use pascal scripting to do stuff like add folders to AutoCAD's search path and even load menus in Inno Setup exe's.

I used to use it with great success when I managed AutoCAD for several architectural firms.  Does anyone have any info?  This would be a great tool for setups.

If I find anything I'll post it.


Oh, Happy New Year!!

Wow, can't believe I found it.  It's a copyrighted exe though.  It was a free download - but could we use and distribute here?

Don't post anything unless you've first contacted Byron and asked permission (and I'll bet he will gladly permit it if you ask).

Good idea Owen - thanks.  This is a great tool for people developing programs.


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