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Creating an Installer with Inno Setup tutorial now online

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I for one, would be very interested in this.  I'll be following this thread with great interest.

Havn't heard from Byron - don't even know if the email I have is any good.

I'm having trouble with the msiexec.exe syntax:

Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: “/i “”{app}\OpenDCL.Runtime.”” /qn”

I get the dialog (which means there is something wrong with the syntax).  Any suggestions?


Got it.  I cut and pasted from the pdf and there was some character confusion in the translation.

Any news?

Unfortunately no.  The only thing I would use it for was adding a menu to menugroups.  Pretty much everything else (paths, loading apps, etc.) can be handled in the .mns file.  Oh well.  If I here anything Ilet you all know.


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