DCL_DIRFILES and x64 - OpenDcl

Started by DW, October 17, 2009, 12:09:07 AM

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Thanks for dcl_dirfiles - I had been using doslib's dos_find function until discovering this - seems faster and also means I don't have to load doslib.

Not sure if this has been reported before and if it has been addressed in the latest releases, but when testing with 64 bit Opendcl and AutoCAD 2010 I get 'no function definition error' for dcl_dirfiles.  Everything else works fine and no errors with this function and x32 bit OpenDcl.


That function is working for me in AutoCAD 2010 x64. I suspect the problem is that your OpenDCL runtime is not loaded when you use the function. Make sure you execute the OPENDCL command before you attempt to call (dcl_dirfiles) by e.g. (command "OPENDCL"). Does that help?


:o... Oops I shouldn't jump to conclusions so easily - after checking once more what version of OpenDCL was loading I found it wasn't but an earlier version... There are no issues with this function in a 64 bit environment after making sure the runtime is installed.

Thanks for your most excellent work on this Owen.