OpenDCL at Bricsys Developer Conference

I will be giving a short presentation about OpenDCL to developers at the Bricsys 2010 Conference in Belgium on June 8th and 9th. If you’re a developer already using OpenDCL with Bricscad (especially if you’ll be at the conference), please contact me privately to discuss the possibility of showcasing your application’s use of OpenDCL during my presentation.

3 Responses to “OpenDCL at Bricsys Developer Conference”

  1. Hi,

    I’m a very satisfied user of OpenDCL. I use it in my program CADTroon. I’ve made over more than 25 dialogs in OpenDCL (incl. a paletteset). And it works fine (I’m an old user of ObjectDCL).
    Note I wil also give a demo of CADTroon (about 45 minutes) at the Bricsys 2010 Conference.

    Coert van den Broek
    Co&Cad Automatisering
    The Netherlands

  2. Owen Wengerd says:

    That’s great, Coert, I look forward to seeing your presentation. Please email me ( so we can coordinate our presentations.

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