OpenDCL 6 Released

OpenDCL 6 has now been formally released. In addition to many internal improvements, OpenDCL 6 adds support for the Bricscad platform on Windows. Use the Download link to get the current OpenDCL files.

End Users

  • If you are already using a pre-release build of OpenDCL 6 runtime, then you should upgrade immediately to the released build.
  • If you are still using an older runtime version, then you should not install the latest runtime version immediately. The upgrade path from OpenDCL 5 is designed to be seamless and problem-free for end users, however you should wait for developers to complete testing on the new runtime version before upgrading.


  • You should now be developing, testing, and supporting your application on the OpenDCL 6 runtime architecture.
  • You should make an effort to test and support your application on the Bricscad for Windows platform.
  • You should not assume end users will continue using the version of OpenDCL Runtime shipped with your application.

3 Responses to “OpenDCL 6 Released”

  1. Al says:

    Hi Owen,
    On AutoCad 2011 I can run a 3D autolisp routine without problem, using OpenDCL.18.arx and Runtime.Res.dll. On AutoCad 2012 the routine crashes. Where can I find the proper .arx and .dll files for 2012? I downloaded the Runtime and Studio, but I don’t find the files. Thanks!!

  2. Barry Ralphs says:

    Did you install 2012 after installing the run-time? If so you need to re-install the run-time.
    You’ll get better support from our forums.
    The comments don’t get monitored much.

  3. Al says:

    I´ll try to re-install. Thanks, Barry!!