OpenDCL Alpha 4.1 with x64 support in the wild

The Alpha 1 version of OpenDCL 4.1 with x64-bit support, is now up for download. This is a development/pre-release build so you will not be notified of the new build until it becomes a stable version. Give it a try & let us know how it goes.
Click her for more info…

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2 Responses to “OpenDCL Alpha 4.1 with x64 support in the wild”

  1. Hallo..

    I need adquiery opendcl for autocad 2008, how I can buy is programm
    is very importan.


  2. BazzaCAD says:

    OpenDCL is already running fine on Acad2008 32bit & 64bit. Just click the download link on the right hand side of this page & it will always be FREE.