OpenDCL in AutoCAD 2015

Looking for AutoCAD 2015 support? OpenDCL 8.0 Alpha 5 includes preliminary support for AutoCAD 2015.

6 Responses to “OpenDCL in AutoCAD 2015”

  1. RGUS says:

    Downloaded and ran part way then crashed AutoCAD 2015… byt that’s to be expected for “under development” software

  2. Owen Wengerd says:

    To make sure it gets fixed, please file a bug report with the information and steps needed to reproduce the crash.

  3. RGUS says:

    Soory Owen… meant to do just that…
    Using an Offset Routine I have used for ACad 2013 and 2014… with 2015 OpenDcl I get the following error.

    FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0010 Exception at e886bdddh

    I’d include a screen capture, but I don’t know how to from here

  4. Peter2 says:

    Hi RGUS

    maybe it’s better to post problem to the forum:


  5. Luis Contreras says:


  6. Luis Contreras says:

    Esta muy bueno dicho programa, estoy apenas iniciando su estudio por lo que no puedo aportar mas