Localization\Translation project update

You may have noticed when you go to download an update to OpenDCL, there are now a number of chooses to download from. These are the localized language versions for OpenDCL, denoted by a 3 letter language identifier. Currently the German (DEU) version is leading in the translation process, thanks to Fred Tomke who is the “Local Language Project Manager” for his language. Here is a screen shot of the OpenDCL Studio editor translated to German.

Chinese (CHS) & Spanish (ESM) are following closely behind with the run-time having been translated.
Unfortunately the Russian (RUS), Polish (PLK), & French (FRA) versions have yet to get the ball rolling.
If you’d like to help out with any of these languages, let us know about it HERE


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  1. It seems to me like nice software.

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    Add to my Bookmarks 😉