OpenDCL Help File Updated

The help file link on this web site now uses the recently completed OpenDCL 5 documentation. Note also the links at the top to translate the help file via Google’s automatic language translation tools.

You can also find a fully translated version of the help files into German HERE. The German version was translated by Fred Tomke, it’s not the Google automatic translation.

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2 Responses to “OpenDCL Help File Updated”

  1. 玉满堂 says:

    How to change the background color of the grid cell when mousemove?
    dcl_Control_SetBackColor will change the grid BackColor,but i want
    to change the cell background color,so what shoud i do?
    Thank you

  2. Barry Ralphs says:

    Please post your support questions in the forum so others will be able to help you out.