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Started by cmwade77, October 15, 2010, 09:38:49 AM

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Ok, now that there is officially a Mac version of AutoCAD out, is there any chance of getting the OpenDCL Runtime to run on the Mac version of AutoCAD? I would be OK with designing on a PC, although I would prefer that both tools be on the Mac.

The Mac version of AutoCAD supports ARX files, but does not have DCL built into it's LISP routines, so this could be a great opportunity to fill a void there.


OpenDCL is tied pretty tightly to MFC, so it will not be an easy port.  I hope we will eventually have the resources to do this, but it will not be in the near future.


I have to bring this back up to the forefront, as there are getting to be more and more Mac users, this would be very handy to have.


Thanks for the feedback. I have seen very little demand for Mac versions of my AutoCAD add-on utilities (ironically just today someone emailed me about Mac support for SuperPurge, but I think that's the first anyone has asked about Mac support in over two years.) I'm curious about your statement that there are more and more Mac users, as I have not seen any evidence of a growing AutoCAD/Mac user base.


I believe with AutoCAD 2015 for Mac just being released that there is continued support from Autodesk. I'm not sure how that translates into sales. I only have 2 customers that have asked about an ArchSymb version for the mac, and both of those were last month. Like you, nothing in the last 2 years.

Some form of Dialog would be nice as there is no DCL on the Mac side. It does make it a challenge to write LISP to 100% command line on a heavy GUI based platform in creating workflow.

If I was an Objective-C programmer, I would probably take a stab at it. But I only dabble on the fringes.
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Hi Guys

I have posted here on this old post about the Mac Autocad version now 2020 and no dcl support ?

Has opendcl progressed any further ?



Autodesk would need to provide some sort of Mac equivalent to the (MFC based) CAdUi classes before a Mac version would become feasible. I don't see that ever happening on Acad.


Thank you Owenwengerd for responding.

its disappointing that Autodesk have done a half job on the Mac Version. Some 20 years ago now tried out the Mac version so its not like something that has not been around for a long time.

It was out of redoing a software package for the MAC but I have been rewriting all the sequential inputs into dcl and would have looked at opendcl if available.