Tabstrip - problem with tooltips

Started by kenkrupa, January 20, 2012, 12:33:02 PM

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I have a tabstrip with 7 tabs, which go to two levels. Each has a tooltip. Initially, the first four are on the lower level and the other three above. Then when you select an upper one, those move to the lower row (all normal so far). When I close it with OK, and then reopen it, my program remembers which tab was current and resets it as current.

The problem is that now the tooltips do not match up with the tabs - hovering on one of the lower ones displays the tooltip for one above it, and vice versa. If I select any other tab, the problem clears up, and the problem does not happen at all if the current tab is one that was initially on the lower row.

Am I missing some way to avoid this mismatch? Or is this a bug?