What's new in v8.0.1.0 ?

Started by autocart, September 08, 2015, 03:39:10 AM

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Hi all,

I was looking but cannot find release notes nor a "what's new" description or anything like it.
So therefore: What really is new in v8.0.1.0 ?

In case such a description exists, then a link would be nice.
Many thx in advance.


There is nothing compiled, but the release announcements at the SourceForge project open discussion page contain major changes for each pre-release build. Maybe you can compile a list from those announcements and post it here for others.


I'll give it a try.
Here are the "release/development notes" of Owen Wengerd for version 8 (up to (fetched from here) (bold formatting and edits in square brackets [] by me):

  • In Alpha 1, I have made a[n experimental?] change to the standard naming conventions. There's also a new OnTimer event for forms. Take a look at the Splash sample to see both in action. If you have any feedback regarding the naming convention change [(old naming conventions still work as well, though)], please join the discussion here:

  • Alpha 2 includes a new sample (ComboBoxLab), and a completely rewritten Directory Picker style combobox control. Alpha 2 also includes some minor changes in Studio, plus numerous small fixes. I've also renamed the _MasterDemo sample to @AllSamples.

  • Alpha 3 sports a redesigned @AllSamples project that displays all the OpenDCL samples in a palette form as a grid-control based list for easier management. In addition, there is a new OPENDCLDEMO command that runs loads the @AllSamples.lsp project. The new command auto-runs one time after installing OpenDCL Studio so that new users get exposed to the samples immediately. I also did some work on trying to address some of the deficiencies in Bricscad's implementation of palettes. They are still far from perfect, but at least a little bit more functional now.

  • Alpha 4 sports a revamped DwgList control, and now supports PNG format drawing file thumbnail previews.

  • Alpha 5 includes preliminary support for AutoCAD 2015. You should watch for problems due to changes in the timing of events and the new non-document tab.
    Note that there is a new AutoCAD 2015 bug that results in an exception when closing AutoCAD while a form is open with either a Block View or Hatch control.

  • Alpha 6 fixes a few reported bugs. One fix involves a change that could potentially have unwanted side effects: events firing while a form is closing are now always synchronous no matter the Event Invoke property setting, meaning the limitations of synchronous events may affect event handler code that worked asynchronously in the past.

  • In addition to some bug fixes, Alpha 7 includes a nearly complete localized Studio UI for the Russian language.

  • Alpha 8 has a few bug fixes, corrections to Russian language help content, and experimental pre-release support for Bricscad V15 and ZWCAD+ 2015.

  • Alpha 9 includes a few bugfixes for Block View and DWG Preview controls, adds an export button to the picture folder dialog, and improves the image list property dialog tab UI.

  • Alpha 10 includes new Lisp API functions for managing the project picture folder and control image lists, support for dropping files into the image list and picture folder dialogs, and some control background color fixes.
       New API functions are documented in English only. They are:

  • Alpha 11 uses an updated ZWCAD+ 2015 SDK version to prevent a version mismatch warning when the OpenDCL runtime loads. It also adds a tooltip to display partially hidden column headers on list view and grid controls.

  • Alpha 12 includes preliminary support for AutoCAD 2016 and not yet working runtime modules for GstarCAD 2015.

  • Alpha 13 addresses known problems in AutoCAD 2016, and also adds a small new feature enabling controls to be repositioned using the property grid by typing a relative offset (entered with an '@' prefix, like @20) when changing position properties.

  • Alpha 14 includes a few minor fixes and some improvements in GstarCAD support.

  • Alpha 15 includes a few minor bug fixes, as well as continued work on support for GStarCAD. A future GStarCAD update will be required before all OpenDCL issues are fully resolved.

  • OpenDCL 8.0 is now available as a "stable" release version [date: 2015-08-01]

Cool work, Owen! Seems to me OpenDCL would deserve more interest, huzzle and noise from others than it gets. I myself was kind of "knocked out" for a few years. But now I am gradually back. Started a nice project at theSwamp in early 2012 (OpenDocsPalette). Maybe I will continue with it again. But already now it works well for me, also with on ACAD 2011 (64 bit).


Here are the "release/development notes" of Owen Wengerd for version (since v8.0.1.0) (fetched from here, which link may contain already newer infos) (bold formatting and edits in square brackets [] by me):

    This interim release contains experimental support for BricsCAD V16.
    [info from: 2015-10-07]

    OpenDCL 8.0.3 includes support for GstarCAD 2016, plus a few bug fixes.
    [info from: 2015-11-23]

    This release adds preliminary support for AutoCAD 2017.
    [info from: 2016-03-23]

    This release contains preliminary support for BricsCAD V17 [see], as well as some combo box bug fixes.
    [info from: 2016-09-03]

    This update has no changes from except updated runtime modules for BricsCAD 17 Beta 1 that was released a few days ago.
    [info from: 2016-09-27]

    There was a problem with the OpenDCL Studio installation in released 2 days ago, so I've re-released it as and now with the correct OpenDCL Studio 32-bit executable.
    [info from: 2016-09-28]

    OpenDCL now supports BricsCAD V17. This update also includes a few combo box bug fixes, and fixes per-user installations. I've added ZWCAD 2017 projects, but the runtime files are not yet working in ZWCAD 2017.
    [info from: 2016-11-24]