What's new in v7.0.1.4 ?

Started by autocart, September 08, 2015, 02:26:52 PM

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For reviewers I also post a list (similar to this thread) of the "release/development notes" of Owen Wengerd for version 7 (up to (?), the as of today latest officially downloadable 7-branch-version) (fetched from here) (bold formatting and edits in square brackets [] by me):

  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 1:
    The OpenDCL 7.0 project files have been migrated to Visual Studio 2010, however this first alpha release does not include any radical changes or new features since OpenDCL 6.0.  It does include a few minor bug fixes and adds support for the imminent Bricscad V12.
  • [The development notes for Alpha 2-4 obviously have not been published. At least I could not find them.]
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 5:
    Alpha 5 fixes some bugs and implements a more robust control layout algorithm to handle complex splitter relationships reliably.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 6:
    In addition to bug fixes, this build includes numerous changes related to grid editing, plus a new grid cell infotip. These changes should be tested carefully to ensure they work on all OS and host AutoCAD/Bricscad combinations.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 7:
    This build adds support for Bricscad V13 and implements a few feature requests. There is a known problem in Bricscad V13 build 13.1.2 that results in a crash when using any of the controls that display geometry via the AcGsView control.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 8:
    Alpha 8 includes some changes to grid cell combo edit control behavior in an attempt to fix reported problems that I could not reproduce. Please test grid edit controls carefully to make sure there are no problems with the changes.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 9:
    This build addresses remaining issues with grid edit controls and a few other recently reported problems.
    This build should work with the most recent [Bricscad] V13 beta.
    [Also with the formally] released [Bricscad V13.1.5, though it] has not yet been tested, [...] OpenDCL should work.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 10:
    Alpha 10 is now available with a few bug fixes, new functions to get and set grid column captions, and a new copyright date.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 11:
    Alpha 11 adds preliminary support for AutoCAD 2014. Note that when the OpenDCL runtime ARX module loads, it adds its own path to the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable. This means the first time it loads in a given user profile, 2014 will display the security warning and the user must permit it to load. I don't like the requirement to add a path to TRUSTEDPATHS, but under the circumstances it's the best solution.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 12:
    Alpha 12 adds support for Bricscad V13 64-bit.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 13:
    This release includes a handful of bug fixes, and adds preliminary support for ZWCAD+ 2014 [version 2013.07.04 (14324)].
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 14:
    Alpha 14 contains some changes to the _MasterDemo, including a new palette sample. In addition, ZWCAD support has been improved since Alpha 13, and should now be pretty much fully functional in ZWCAD+ 2014.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 15:
    OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 15 contains final support for ZWCAD+ 2014, with all functionality now implemented. Note that the official release of ZWCAD+ 2014 is required; the beta versions of ZWCAD+ 2014 will not work.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Alpha 16:
    Alpha 16 adds support for Bricscad V14 and several bug fixes, including a fix for the malfunctioning options tab OnOptionsApply event.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 Beta 1:
    Beta 1 contains no changes since the latest alpha release, except for being built with the latest Bricscad V14 beta SDK. Hopefully this build of OpenDCL will continue to work in Bricscad V14 once it is officially released.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 RC1:
    This build contains only a few minor bug fixes. If no problems are reported in RC1, this will become the stable release of OpenDCL 7.0.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 RC2:
    RC2 includes some changes to drag and drop handling that fixes a bug in ListView controls' drag and drop. There are also a few minor documentation corrections, and enhancements to the [...]Check for Update[...] button in the _MasterDemo sample.
    The drag/drop behavior has changed slightly under the hood. It is now different for all controls, but the change should not be noticeable except in cases that would not have worked properly in previous releases. The ListView control has had additional work that only affects the ListView control.
  • OpenDCL 7.0 (Stable) [date: 2013-12-31]:
    Finally, OpenDCL 7.0 is officially released as a stable version. If you already installed RC2, please load the _MasterDemo sample and test the [...]Check for Update[...] feature to see if it installs the update as expected. (It will incorrectly display as a Prerelease Build; this bug is now fixed.)


I have benefited from this content tremendously and I will publish it to spread the knowledge.


If you want to publish the list, check the OpenDCL web site for the current build specs ... This post is 2 1/2 years old and the current build is
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