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Started by Grrr1337, May 28, 2021, 02:56:56 AM

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Hi guys,
Decided to try out OpenDCL for the first time:
So I've installed "OpenDCL.Studio.ENU." successfuly and "OpenDCL.Runtime." (not sure if it was installed).
Then I've created a new project - Untitled.odcl with a modeless dialog and two text buttons.
And unfortunately in my ACAD theres no dcl-Project-Import , nor any dcl-* function definition.

My current goal is to run an OpenDCL project from ACAD.

System specifications: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, AutoCAD 2017

Any ideas how could I fix my problem?

(previously asked here)


OpenDCL Runtime does not load until you tell it to load by running the OPENDCL command. Just add (command "_OPENDCL") somewhere at the beginning of your lisp function to make sure OpenDCL Runtime is loaded.


Thanks Owen, now it worked! (Should I've looked earlier in the "Application Development" section of the documentation).

Gotta say that having modeless dialogs is awesome! (comming for vanilla DCL)