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Started by zoppelrenje, March 24, 2022, 05:23:24 AM

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with the new BricsCAD version V22, my lisp doesn't work anymore.

Error message:
----- LISP : Call Stack -----
  • ...C:ACM
    ; [1].....A39 <<--
    ; ----- Error around expression -----

Fred Tomke


is it possible to give a bit more information?
I do not know BricsCAD very well.
I remember some troubles with palettes and modeless forms in AutoCAD 2015 after Autodesk has removed fiber technology.
I don't want to say it has the same reason but it should demonstrate that we have to know in which context c:acm is called and your form is shown up.
Can you reproduce it with any type of OpenDCL form?
Regards, Fred
Fred Tomke
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