Cad lacking OpenDCL commands for AutoLisp files

Started by Spaghetti Coder, September 07, 2022, 09:18:52 AM

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Spaghetti Coder

Hello, I'm trying to use odcl instead of dcl for a 2D cad application called DraftSight. Unfortunately, it appears that there's some sort of disconnect between OpenDCL and DraftSight as OpenDCL's functions are not defined in DraftSight. Functions such as "OPENDCL" and "dcl_Project_Load" are not find in DraftSight's library. Both DraftSight and OpenDCL are base 64 versions. I'm also writing with .lsp files.

Is there anything I need to do on my end to fix this issue?

Fred Tomke

Hi, when the command opndcl is missing, the opendcl is not registered properly. It can happen if the 3rd party app or OpenDCL were installed before AutoCAD or AutoCAD was reinstalled. I recommend to reinstall your 3rd party app or OpenDCL again and make sure that OpenDCL can be load on demand (maybe there are some special security settings in your company to prevent 3rd party apps being loaded).

Regards, Fred
Fred Tomke
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