ZwCAD slow ResultBuffer after OpenDCL ZRX load

Started by Joseph, September 15, 2023, 01:11:35 AM

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In ZwCAD there is a strange behaviour with resultbuffer if the OpenDCL ZRX loaded.
Here is a simple dot net sample code:

public static string GetMyString(ResultBuffer resBufIn)
    return "MyString";

Lets call this function 10.000 times:

(repeat 10000 (GetMyString))

It the OpenDCL ZRX is NOT loaded the performance is like 0.25 seconds.
It the OpenDCL ZRX is LOADED the performance is like 2.00 seconds.
The performance results are the same for ZwCAD 2022, 2023 and 2024.

OpenDCL or ZwCAD bug?

Maybe a ZwCAD bug.
If I load additional VLS files with lot of lisp codes the performance becomes slower.


I made some tests, loading ZRX files from the ZwCAD installation folder and the performance remains fast.
After loading the OpenDCL ZRX the performance became slow.
Maybe the OpenDCL ZRX has a bug.


I think this is something to take up with ZWCAD tech support.


Indeed, you are right.
Just installed the new service pack for ZwCAD and the bug is gone. They solved it.