dcl-Project-SaveAs issue

Started by domenicomaria, January 30, 2024, 02:58:02 AM

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I create a new odcl project.
and its name is "A"

(dcl-project-load  "A"  t  )
(dcl-form-show    "A" "f" )

and the form is correctly shown
(image "A")

. . .
(dcl-Project-SaveAs "A"  (strcat my-odcl-path "B" ".odcl") nil)

(setq loaded-odcl-project-name (dcl-project-load   "B" t ) )
(princ (strcat "\n" loaded-odcl-project-name) )

When I load "B.odcl" it returns "A" again !

And if I try to show the form contained in "B"
(dcl-form-show    "B" "f" )

it happens what is shown in the attached
odcl runtime error message