Anyone wish to learn how to write data to the dwg dictonary?

Started by Jim Short, November 24, 2008, 04:38:03 PM

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Jim Short

I have been working out how to make dictionary entries in real time when OpenDCL Events fire.
I was thinking how long and involved it was to work out these 20 functions and how easy the
4 top level  functions are to use.

Are there any folks visiting this group that wish to learn how to use them?
;;names are not case sensitive

;;itempair is name value cons like ("MyData" . 0.4589)
(tcam:putDictX dictname key itemPair)

;;lstpairs is list of name value conses
(tcam:putDictL dictname key lstPairs)

;;get a single piece of data from the dictionary
;;return name value cons
(tcam:getDictX dictname key itemName)

;;provide a list of string names
;;get list of items as name value cons
  (defun tcam:getDictL dictname key lstNames )

Jim Short