OpenDCL and commercial applications

Started by agarsil2002, February 04, 2009, 03:13:16 AM

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Dear friends,

I have involved in the development of an application related to the structural analysis and we have in mind to commercialise it in a short future.

For that, we have developed a graphical user interface for AutoCAD, based on OpenDCL, in which the user carries out the pre-processing stage, introducing the geometry and properties of the elements that compose the structure, the external actions applied, and so on.

Having in mind that OpenDCL has a GNU GPL license, must our application own a GNU GPL license as well? Can our software competitors distribute our application? Which should be the most appropriate license for our code?

Thank you very much for your help.



You can use any license you want for your own application.  If you were to modify OpenDCL or distribute its source code, then you would need to distribute it under a GPL license.

I'm not sure that it's legally required, but I would advise that you mention OpenDCL in your license agreement and include the copyright notice (Copyright 2009 OpenDCL Consortium) to ensure that your customers know what it is.


Hi agarsil2002,
A little off topic, but we'd love to see some screen shots of your app when it's done.
And since I work for a Structural Engineering firm I'd love to test it out too.
Barry Ralphs