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Started by Kerry, December 04, 2009, 08:04:38 PM

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QuoteOpenDCL is an open source application platform for AutoLISP programmers who want to replace AutoCAD's limited DCL (Dialog Control Language) user interface language with a rich set of modern Windows user interface elements. AutoCAD application developers and customizers can use OpenDCL Studio to interactively design modern and professional user interface elements for use by their AutoLISP code in AutoCAD. The OpenDCL Runtime component is deployed with the application, and provides the necessary runtime framework inside AutoCAD for end users of the OpenDCL application.
Links to OpenDCL downloads, Help Files, tutorials and news are available at

Firstly, Welcome to the OpenDCL forum.

A quantity of posts on the forum have code attachments and picture attachments. These attachments help to explain questions and answers from members.

As a guest you are unable to view, download or print these attachments ... and attempting to do so will only give you half the information available.

To get the most from the forum, become a member ( it's free ).
As a member you will be able to ask questions and share your knowledge by answering questions posed by others.

Enjoy the forum

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