Help keep OpenDCL moving forward!

OpenDCL is and always will be FREE!
However times are tough and it’s getting harder to spend time on a project when there’s no compensation for it. Our lead developer, Owen Wengerd of ManuSoft, has been supporting the OpenDCL community for years now without ever receiving a single penny for his monumental contribution. I, Barry Ralphs, have also been footing the bill to keep the OpenDCL web site up and running. If you’d like to help keep OpenDCL moving forward, please go to the following URL to make a contribution/donation.


4 Responses to “Help keep OpenDCL moving forward!”

  1. Torsten Moses says:

    Dear Owen, Dear Barry,

    I would like to contribute – but it does require a PayPal account which I do not have (and not intend to create).
    Can you please review that payment method, or provide any other possibility ?
    Many greetings & a nice day

  2. Barry Ralphs says:

    Hi Torsten,
    Thanks for the comment. If anyone wishes to make a contribution and not use PayPal, they can contact Owen directly (at to work out alternate payment options.


  3. Doug Barense says:

    Did you get good response from this post? I contributed right away. 🙂


  4. Owen Wengerd says:

    Thanks for your contribution, Doug! To date I have received just under 2000 US dollars, almost all of that from one-time contributions. Every dollar helps, and I appreciate the support.