OpenDCL 7.0 Released

OpenDCL 7.0 is now officially released as a stable version after over 2 years of development and testing. The new release adds support for AutoCAD, Bricscad, and ZWCAD+ on Microsoft Windows, giving the growing number of lisp developers a user interface framework with the same cross platform support as their programming language.

4 Responses to “OpenDCL 7.0 Released”

  1. taeeun says:

    hi.. i happy to update OPENDCL.

    New version had changed function and variable just like dcl-OptionList-SetCurSel // IUEXECUTE/Mark/oY // c:IUEXECUTE/Mark#OnInitialize.. right?

    and the previous version function and variable is compatible with new version.

    i wonder why did you change thses..
    thanks 🙂

  2. Owen Wengerd says:

    Please discuss this on the forum.

  3. kilbok Jeong says:

    OpenDCL good use.
    But errors.
    Ocx files to the computer that I’m using it (Windows 7) from the OpenDCL Studio to insert ActiveX Control works without error.
    But on another computer dcl_RegisterActiveXCtrl Lisp function should not be used to register ocx.
    Please correct the errors ~

  4. Owen Wengerd says:

    Please post technical questions on the forum.