2013-2014 OpenDCL project contribution report

I’m happy to report that OpenDCL project members responded to last fall’s request for financial support by contributing US $2300.00 before the end of 2013. There has been a noticeable increase in project activity since that time. Member contributions dropped a bit in 2014 to US $1730.00. Thank you very much for your support! Your contributions help defray web site expenses and motivate programmers and administrators to continue investing time and energy in the OpenDCL project. If you use and rely on OpenDCL for your work, please consider a one-time or recurring annual contribution to help ensure the project’s future.

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One Response to “2013-2014 OpenDCL project contribution report”

  1. Donald Broussard says:

    Hopefully 2015 was a better year, contribution-wise.