OpenDCL 5.0 Released

OpenDCL 5.0, the GUI development platform for AutoLISP programmers, was released today. OpenDCL 5 is the culmination of almost two years of development work since the release of OpenDCL 4.0 on July 30, 2007.

The major goals for OpenDCL 5 included a restructuring of the source code to support localization, completely rewritten documentation, and completion of the work started in OpenDCL 4 to clean up and modularize the code. These goals have been met, and OpenDCL 5.0 is now completely localized for both English and German languages, with Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese language versions partially localized.

OpenDCL users reported over 200 bugs and submitted almost 50 feature requests since OpenDCL 4 was released. All but a small handful of the reported bugs were fixed, and almost half of the feature requests were implemented in OpenDCL 5. The result is a very stable, well tested, and feature rich upgrade with a promising future.

OpenDCL 5.1 is already in the pipeline, with support for AutoCAD 2010 planned for availability soon after AutoCAD 2010 ships. Beyond OpenDCL 5.1, the next major goals are support for Bricscad and the addition of support for third party .NET controls.

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2 Responses to “OpenDCL 5.0 Released”

  1. Bricscad – whoo-hoooo!

  2. Looking forward to the support of bricscad