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Tip of the day: Visual Styles

Friday, December 7th, 2007

As Owen mentioned in his last post, OpenDCL 4.1 now supports Windows Visual Styles. So what’s that mean? As you’ve probably noticed, each major version of Windows comes with a new set of visual styles or themes (Win2000, XP, Vista). In OpenDCL 4.1 most of the controls have the ability to turn visual styles ON/OFF. By default they’re ON & therefore inherit the visual style or theme of your current version of Windows. For example if you want to change the foreground color of a CheckBox, you will not be able to as the foreground color is controlled by the Windows visual style. Therefore you will have to set the “UseVisualStyle” = False for your new foreground color to take effect. Click this thumbnail for a screen shot comparing various controls with visual style ON/OFF.